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The appeals court of the United States circuit considers that geographical names may not constitute "major geographical descriptions""

2013/12/17    source:    Author:  Viewed:6959

Recently, the United States federal appeals court overturned the Trademark Review and appeal board, that "NEWBRIDGE HOME" trademark does not constitute trademark registration described by major geographic goods, can be registered.

The applicant NEWBRIDGE tool company headquarters in Ireland NEWBRIDGE, it manufactures and sells all kinds of household goods, Kitchenware and silverware to all parts of the world. October 2010, NEWBRIDGE cutter company to the U.S. special commercial bureau to apply for registration "NEWBRIDGE HOME" trademark, used in household goods, kitchen supplies and silverware tableware, but was rejected. The applicant filed an appeal, the Appeal Board considered NEWBRIDGE Ireland second County Kildare Town, the town of information circulated on the Internet, and the "Columbia world gazetteer" income in that NEWBRIDGE is widely known by the public places, and the maintenance inspector to make application for a trademark belongs to "registered" with the main geographical commodities which can not be registered decided. The applicant continues to appeal and is supported by the Federal Circuit Court of appeals. The court denied the Appeal Committee on information on the Internet is widespread public awareness of this view information ", and that NEWBRIDGE also has other geographical and non geographical meaning, and many of the map and atlas is not included in Ireland in the town of NEWBRIDGE, therefore, the court held that the defendant, ruling on NEWBRIDGE is the public widely known names" lack of evidence, according to the application for trademark registration to describe "the main geographic commodity conclusions not supported.