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Beijing Huangjinzhihui Intellectual Property Agency is the Vice President Unit of China Trademark Association(CTA) and its Trademark Agency Branch, and also a member of INTA. Approved by Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and registered in the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the company was established on March 2004. It possesses such subsidiaries as Beijing Beizhi Law Firm and Beijing Jinyong Haizhi Patent Agency, enabling us to offer one-stop legal service of consultation and management of intellectual property on trademark, patent, and copyright. Over the past decade, we have offer service to state-owned Enterprises, national group companies, foreign companies, local governments and social groups etc. Our clients include Tencent, Nestle(Xufuji), China National Cotton Reserves Corporation, Jinritoutiao, Guangdong Monalisa Group,Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group, Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group, Livzon Pharmaceutical Group, Fenglu Aluminum, Xingfa Aluminum, homekoo, Jiumaojiu Food and Beverage, Shanxi Xinghuacun Fenjiu Group, Nafine Chemical Industry Group, Yabao Pharmaceutical Group, House of Huangcheng Chancellor Group,Tibet Qomolangma Glacier, Wanrong County Government, Foshan Trademark Association etc. Huangjinzhihui is one of the first privately owned trademark agencies after the government reviewv and approval procedure for trademark agency and tradmemark agent was cancelled by the State Council in 2003. Its import and export businesses cover over a hundred and fifty countries and regions around the world.

Major Awards

In November, 2009, having dealt with and won the Hong Kong mass-preemptive-registrations case concerning Landbond furniture,Oppein furniture,Dencare toothpaste, Zhonghua toothpaste, Mashimaro rabbit and Amouage perfume, our agency was awarded “Trademark agency defense protest case winning award in 2009”.

In November, 2014, our agency was awarded by CTA one of 50 “Excellent trademark agency for the years 2012 to 2014”.

In October, 2015, our agency was awarded by CTA one of 60 “Excellent trademark agency in 2015”.

In September, 2017, our agency was awarded by CTA one of 47 “Excellent trademark agency for the years 2016 to 2017”.

In September, 2018, our agency was awarded by CTA one of the “Excellent trademark agecny for the years 2017 to 2018”.

In October, 2015, entrusted by the government of Wanrong County, our agency was awarded one of 22 “Excellent trademark agency case for the years 2014 to 2015” for winning a series of administrative case of review to trademark opposition.

In October, 2016, entrusted by Mr. Ye Zhun, president of World Wing Chun Federation and son of Ye Wen, master of Wing Chun, our agency was awarded one of 23 “Excellent trademark agency case for the years 2015 to 2016” for winning the case of opposition against “Ye Wen” mark.

In September, 2017, entrusted by Tencent, our agency was awarded one of 21 “Excellent trademark agency case for the years 2016 to 2017” for winning the case of invalid announcement of “Shi Xiong”

In September, 2018, entrusted by China Binzhou Port Co., Ltd., our agency was awarded one of 26 “Excellent trademark agency case for the years 2016 to 2017” for winning a series of refusal review case concerning “滨州港”, “PORTOFBINZHOU”etc.

In September, 2017, our agency won “Trademark brand building excellence award” of the CTA.

Granted “Beijing tax credit A-level enterprise” by both Beijing State Taxation Administration and Local Taxation Bureau for consecutive two years in 2016 and 2017.

In September, 2018, awarded the first batch of Golden model for Trademark Agency Service(2018-2021).

As the founder and president of our company, Mr. Yang Yonggang boasts such social positions as member of INTA, executive president of CTA’s GI branch, adjunct Professor at the School of Law of Zhengzhou University, adjunct Researcher at the institute of China Geographical Indications of Southwest University of Political Science & Law, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) at Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, council member of the Beijing IP seminar, and executive vice president of Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong(SCCG). In July, 2014, his exemplary deeds were listed in the book “Pioneer of Chinese Geographical Indications” published by China Industry and Commerce Press. In February, 2015, he was honored with “Pioneer of Chinese Geographical Indications” in an event organized by Contemporary China Pictorial and support by the Trademark Office of The State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the People’ s Republic of China. In January, 2016, he was honored with “Role model for industries with Chinese characteristics and GI industry”.  In August, 2016, as one of the three lecturers for the forum on poverty alleviation through Trademark held by office of SAIC, he undertakes the poverty alleviation in Heilongjiang Province and Jiangxi Province. In November, 2016, he was invited as a judge to the 23rd China Yangling Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair -“Belt and Road” Summit on Trademark and Branding for Agricultural Product, which is co-hosted by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of the P.R.C.(SAIC) and the Provincial People’s Government of Shaanxi. He was elected as member of the People's Congress of Wanrong County Government in February, 2013 and member of the standing committee of CPPCC of Yuncheng City for his extraordinary contribution to the agricultural economy of Wanrong County, Shanxi Province. On October 27, 2016, in the ceremony of China Trademark Festival Awards Ceremony hosted by the producer of CCTV program “Dialogue”, Liu Xing, he was awarded “Leading Figure for Trademark 2016” by CTA, recognizing his exceptional contribution on implementation of branding strategy and branding. In September 3, 2017, he took an exclusive interview form “Highlight of the day”, which is a publication organized by the China Trademark Association and China Industry and Commerce Press for 2017 China International Trademark Festival, and on September 4th, the the back cover on eighth edition of the publication was a whole page report with theme "Making Golden Brand with Craftsmen's Spirit”. On December 16, 2017, he was honored with top 100 Shanxi Merchant in the 9th Shanxi merchant annual meeting. Im March 2018, our he was selected as the Cover person of the special issue for Two Sessions of “Elite Youth”magzine. With the theme on “Yang Yonggang, opening the road to prosperous agriculture through geographical indication trademarks”, this special issue gave an in-depth introduction of Yang Yonggang’s deeds to the participants of two sessions.

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