Scope of business

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scope of business


1. Trademark search

2. Monitoring China Trademark Office Gazette

3. New application, record of change, assignment, renewal and licensing, etc.

4. Opposition, non-use cancellation, review on refused applications, review on decision of disapproved registration application, review on non-use cancellation application, and invalidation

5. International business, including Madrid system or single country registration and after service

6. Assisting in securing loan with trademark as pledge

7. Consulting services on the protection of a well-known trademark

GI trademark

1. Application for registration of GI certification trademark or collective trademark

2. Application for registration of GI trademark for agricultural products in the Ministry of Agriculture and protected products of GI in the State IP Office

3. consulting services on the management, utilization and promotion of GI trademark


Work and software copyright registration, modification, licensing and transfer, etc.

2. Copyright negotiating and contract review

Copyright trading

Customs service of IP rights

1. Record of customs protection of IPR

2. Renewal on record of customs protection of IPR

3. Record change or cancellation on record of customs protection of IPR

4. Customs protection of IPR, including application for detention, release, non-infringement, etc.


1. The consultation, maintaining, analysis, appraising, management, protection and training for domestic and foreign patents

2. Value appraising, securing loan with patent as pledge and copyright reward application

Subsidiary law firm and patent agency will offer all-round patent service.

service on science & technology

1. Technology development, assignment, service and consultation

2. Hi-tech corporate and hi-tech product accreditation, IP standard implementation, national enterprise technology center declaration, provincial enterprise technology center declaration, and declaration of a new Post-Doctoral programme

3. commercialization of research findings and project financing

4. Declaration of science and technology project allowance and reward

rights protection and anti-counterfeiting

Administrative complaint and judicial litigation on the infringement of trademark, patent and copyright, and on unfair competition


Other litigation on criminal, civil and administrative cases

Other intellectual property service

1. Intellectual property meeting, training and academic exchange

2. Intellectual property counseling for enterprises

3. Brand planning and promotion

4. Trademark design and naming

5. Corporate CI, packaging and decoration design