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Patent agents want to bathe in sunshine per capita income

2016/12/17    source:    Author:  Viewed:7133

Eighteen big reports put forward new goals to urban and rural residents per capita income in 2020 more than doubled in 2010, people were building eight years after King dance for joy, happy life vision, pinched fingers experience the thrill of counting the money.

That the per capita income doubled doubled and certainly not all, before some people get rich. The beginning of reform and opening up, everyone holding a secure job is still hesitant to resign if changing, a number of unemployed unemployed, Daoteng clothing selling aquatic products, or even "mountain" from the people have become rich. The second tide, have the right to use the hidden income of gray income boost prices by leaps and bounds, household assets safe transfer, the property will not open, so the rich people mind, social instability, so this wave of rich and this is what people?

The manufacturing industry is to expand the scale of production and operation, the use of high-tech to improve labor productivity, increase the added value of product upgrading, reduce manpower saving raw materials to reduce costs, increase profits and improve efficiency, enterprises have money on staff wages, trade, science and technology, finance and so on all the scale of operation, less is more, to deduct, risks and opportunities coexist, make a big profit increase per capita income doubled, but can, patent agency.

The agency operates several years, the patent agent two times increase in the number, patent applications, patent authorization amount increased significantly, but the agent's per capita income is almost no increase, the scale is not big enough? Is it hard for people to work hard? No, this is decided by the industry unique mode of operation, the scale and the per capita income.

The patent agency is the high intelligence personal mental labor type A, agent a case must understand the technical scheme of digestion inventor complete, retrieval master relevant technical background and understanding for the purpose of protecting the inventor, to a word writing application documents have solid defense force patent. Different pieces of patent cases, need to invest the time and energy, not line automatic operation, cannot copy batch production, can not be used for important high-tech, from Perspective of lawsuit case to refine claims batted, a word a word often leads to a dispute win or lose, a a good filing will unite the agent how much time, energy, wisdom and efforts, so the patent agency industry can not scale to get benefits, make a big profit.

Similar industry lawyer case of big and small, have heard a lawyer fee of up to tens of millions of dollars, but the national patent agency fees, agent Association awarded the national unified guidance, not high fees, charges and so far most areas of the country are still far from reaching the standard, regardless of the agent no matter how hard Jingye, how to expand the scale of the agency is also difficult to double the income of agents.

You should double the income of patent agents has become one of the next wave of rich people? Our answer is yes. In the foreign profession not only attention and high income, in 1994 the German patent agent's income ranked third lawyers, physicians after the list, and in 1997 rose to the first place. Our country puts forward to become the world science and technology, science and technology cannot do without the patent, cannot do without the patent agency, many provinces and cities government out of patent agency personnel are scarce, countries have established the patent agent development plan, the society calls for a patent agent "California", China's first test has been in so many years ago in the bar exam patent agent qualification exam, the reference for the engineering college for two years or more, it is the combination of law and technology, the combination of theory and practice, foreign patent also need solid language skills, master's and doctoral candidates competing, through the low rate of fierce competition, countries have high hopes for this crowd, such people do not get rich and let the rich who?!

In order to implement the grand goal of the central eighteen, in order to make the urban and rural residents per capita income doubled, in order to make the patent agent's per capita income doubled as soon as possible, the government should as soon as possible to implement the patent agency tax exemption policy, there are other ways to.